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A Steamy Release

The end of the year is in sight and we can almost smell the holidays and festive season. It is time to let off a little steam. Our December steamy release play party is designed to help you bid farewell to the stresses of the past year and embrace the thrill of liberation. "Steamy Release: A Year-End Unwind" is not just a party; it's an immersive experience where you can let loose, explore your desires, and revel in the company of like-minded individuals. Casa Kink Dungeon in Montague Gardens has multiple areas to let loose in.

Most popular is always a close tie between the Cuddle Puddle, which will provide the chill space, and the Dome, a shared space for sex. In the Open Dungeon area are three St Andrew's Crosses (we hope that this will help to ensure there is always enough furniture for everyone to play) and a spanking bench. The Boudoir is a space created especially for Exhibitionists and the Voyeurs who love them, whilst the Hideaway is a more private play space.

The other focused areas include the Chamber with it's extra large restraint table and cage, a school room, a sensual area with massage table, a littles corner and a play-free social area .

When you purchase your ticket you will receive confirmation, the address and reminders for the event. On arrival you will find significant secure parking in our complex. Please note there are camera's in the carpark for security reasons. If you are uncomfortable with this please wear a hoodie to protect your identity until you are inside. There are NO security cameras in the club.

This party has no set dress up theme, the idea is to just lay back! As a kink and sex positive space, nudity is welcomed and in no way required. Even in the social space you can expect to see nudity, although no play. If you are keen to drop your clothes, please consider bringing something to sit on, e.g. a towel or sarong and something to keep your clothes in e.g. a bag.

Please bring your own toys. Everyone is, of course, welcome to use the 'large' equipment, i.e. St Andrew’s Crosses, spanking benches, beds etc., you will need to bring your own cuffs, whips, paddles, ticklers, rope and whatever other toys you wish to use. Please ensure to bring condoms and lube. Some will be available, but if you have special requirements (including latex free) please bring your own.

Please bring your drinks and a plate of snacks. Ice, glasses, coffee and tea will be available.

If you have never attended an event before we highly recommend that you try to join us for the Newbies Munch on Wednesday 29th November.

You can find your more on what to expect on the following blog posts:

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