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What to Expect at a Newbies Munch

At Casa Kink we aim to provide folk in the sex positive scene opportunities to meet other like minded folk - within the kink scene these social gatherings are called a munch.

Who can attend?

Our newbies munches are a casual gathering of a mix of people who are newer to the scene and those who have been around and have some experience. That means everyone is welcome, however if space becomes limited preference will be given to those who are newer to the scene.

We believe that there is not just one way to kink, part of makes kink so special is the wide variety of kinks and ways of experiencing them. By including people who have been in the scene for some time, we hope to give newer folk the opportunity to hear about some of that variety

What will be talked about

This is a great opportunity to bring your questions and we keep the discussions fairly fluid so that the attendees get what they need out of the munch. Having said that we do have an agenda of items we will address. These include negotiation and consent, what to expect at a party, how you are expected to behave at an event and our Dungeon rules. We will give a tour of our space so that if you attend an event you will feel a little familiar when you arrive. After the more structured part of the evening people chat and get to know each other.

We encourage people to bring their toys so show each other what you have, how you use it. Besides there's nothing like a bit of peppermint oil or a violet wand to get people talking.


The munch starts at 7pm, please aim to arrive on time so as not to disrupt the event. Doors close at 8.30pm. If you are going to be late please let us know so we can make an arrangement.

What should I wear

You can wear anything you are comfortable in, if you are coming straight from work or the beach, there is no need to get dressed up. If you are dying for an opportunity to wear your favourite kink outfit, our venue is fetish friendly so come as you please.

What do I bring

You should bring your own drinks, we will provide glasses and ice. Please bring a small snack to share. Coffee, tea etc is available.

Most importantly bring your questions and your open mind for a great intro to the kink scene.

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