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An Inclusive Safer Space

At Casa Kink we hold two key principals at the core of how we set up and run our club; Inclusivity and Safety. We believe the two are intrinsically intertwined and unless people feel like they belong and are safe they are unlikely to take off their clothes, or drop their walls and expose their vulnerabilities in the way that happens in kink spaces.

We aim to create a safer space where all people feel welcomed. We strive to provide events where body positivity and sex positivity are safely celebrated in all their forms and where people are encouraged to express themselves and their sexuality and kinks without fear of judgement or abuse. Casa Kink welcomes all identities, including (but not limited to); sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, ethnicity, relationship style, kink, religion and culture. We aim to specifically ensure that vulnerable groups find a home at Casa Kink and whilst our club is NOT an exclusively queer space, queer and oppressed voices will be amplified. This is a tolerant environment, but intolerance towards our guests will not be tolerated.

Casa Kink has a list of banned folk who have been reported to us over the years as violators. We also keep communications open with some of the other event hosts to help us remain aware of risks outside of our events. To be clear these come from reported incidents, not personal disagreements. Any time a violation is reported to us, we will believe the survivor. It is not up to us to act as judge or jury on what has happened and as such we will not carry out investigations. We prefer to err on the side of caution and least risk to our guests and as such keep reported violators away from our events so they cannot use our events to access and harm others.

With that as the foundation for our safer space we also ensure items like fire hydrants, safety scissors and first aid kits are available. We have consent monitors at events who are available to answer any questions as well as get involved if there are any challenges or incidents. Consent Monitors can be identified by an arm band which matches our teal walls. We offer tours for new visitors which include discussion on safety and event etiquette. We aim to grow education and skills within the kink scene. This includes Newbies Munches, where we talk about consent, negotiation and party etiquette. Social events like our Poly (Non-Monogamous) Munch and Movie Nights provide a safer space for people to meet potential playmates for the first time.

Overall we aim to create the kind of space people feel at home enough to expose their raw vulnerabilities in the kinkiest and sexiest way they want to.

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