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What should I know before my first Casa Kink Party

If you've never attended a kink event before, or never attended a Casa Kink event, or like everyone, have never attended a Casa Kink event at our new venue, this will give you a little more information on what you can expect. As we are still very much in the process or creating the space, this post is likely to have additions as things progress.

Tickets for our events are on our website. The upcoming Welcome Home - We Survived the Apocalypse party tickets are now available.

When you purchase your ticket you will receive confirmation as well as reminders for the event. Our space is in Montague Gardens and the full address for the venue will be provided to ticketholders closer to the time.

On arrival you will find significant secure parking in our complex. Please note there are camera's in the carpark for security reasons. If you are uncomfortable with this please wear a hoodie to protect your identity until you are inside. There are NO security cameras in the club.

What should I wear?

As a kink and sex positive space, nudity is welcomed and in no way required. Even in the social space you can expect to see nudity, although no play. If you are keen to drop your clothes, please consider bringing something to sit on, e.g. a towel or sarong and something to keep your clothes in e.g. a bag.

Our theme for the opening night is Welcome Home - We Survived the Apocalypse. The vibe we are imagining is a bit of Mad Max meets Tatooine.

Many people will embrace the chance to dress up and for others dressing up is not an option for a variety of reasons. Dressing up is not a requirement. If you are not dressing to theme come dressed in clothes that make you feel confident and sexy. You will see such a variety of people that you will belong regardless of what you are wearing.

What's Inside?

You will be greeted in our reception where you will have your ticket checked. There is no need to print your ticket we can check you in using the digital ticket you will be emailed. Once checked in you will enter the social areas where you will find glasses, ice and for this event some snacks. The social lounge is a play free zone (although you should expect the see nudity). The social area is a great space to meet people and chat.

In the play areas you will find a variety of options to titillate your kinks. These include St Andrew's Crosses, a Spanking Bench, Cuddle Puddle, beds, The Dome (if you know - you know), a School Room and so much more. We have space for exhibitionists as well as more private options.

What Should I Bring?

Please bring your own toys. Everyone is, of course, welcome to use the 'large' equipment, i.e. St Andrew’s Crosses, spanking benches, beds etc., you will need to bring your own cuffs, whips, paddles, ticklers, rope and whatever other toys you wish to use. Please ensure to bring condoms and lube. Some will be available, but if you have special requirements (including latex free) please bring your own.

We will be providing some snacks in order to keep our energy up through the night. This isn't dinner, so please ensure to arrive with some food in your tummy, or perhaps bring yourself extra snacks if you are concerned about blood sugar.

Bring your own drinks. We do not have a bar so you cannot buy any drinks at the club. Ice and drinks will be available.

Bring your open mind, your sense of adventure and your desires and lust!

If you have questions, please contact us directly so we can give you your answer and update this post.

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