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Unveiling the Mystical Delights: Dark Fantasy Feast

It’s finally the week of the Dark Fantasy Feast.  Prepare to delve into the realm of enchantment and indulgence at the upcoming Dark Fantasy Feast, a night where dreams and desires intertwine amidst an ambiance of mystery and allure. Hosted at the Casa Kink Dungeon in Montague Gardens, this event promises an unforgettable evening of revelry and exploration into the depths of fantasy.

Date: Saturday 17 February 2024 – 7pm

Location: We will gather at the Casa Kink Dungeon in Montague Gardens, full address on tickets.

Dress Code: Embrace the fantastical and dress in attire befitting your wildest dreams. From ethereal creatures to dark sorcerers, let your imagination run free.  Ensure you are comfortable to be sat at a low table.

Tickets: R350 including dinner and bubbles on arrival.  Available at:

Activities: Prepare to be enthralled by our Games Mistress as she leads us through by an array of captivating activities and games designed to ignite the imagination and spark connections. The games are all aimed at assisting in the fulfilment of fantasies, they provide a platform for attendees to express their desires in a playful and non-threatening manner, fostering connections and exploration without the pressure of immediate action. It celebrates the beauty of fantasy and the power of imagination, inviting participants to embrace their innermost desires in a consensual and respectful setting.

Facilities: Casa Kink has a wide variety of spaces and kink equipment to ensure there is enough for everyone to play. These include the torture chamber with its restraint table, shared sex dome, Exhibition and voyeur space, St Andrew's Crosses, Spanking Bench.  Please note that the feast will be served in the play space, if you are not comfortable with this unfortunately this may not be the event for you.

Bring: Your play toys, condoms and lube. Your own drinks

PLEASE NOTE: This is an adult only party with high levels of sexually explicit play. Both nudity and sexual play are encouraged, but by no means required. In addition, this is a kinky party so there will be public BDSM and other fetish play in the area where we will be hosting the feast. If witnessing overt sexual or kinky behaviour makes you uncomfortable, we would suggest this may not be the event for you.

We have a zero tolerance of intoxicated behaviour. There is an outside space for smoking of tabacco and 420. We strongly discourage play under the influence, and you may be asked to leave if you are causing a disturbance. NO refunds will be given in cases like these.

Casa Kink strives to provide a safe space for open fetish events where body positivity and sex positivity are safely celebrated in all their forms, and where people are encouraged to express themselves and their kinks without fear of judgement or abuse. We provide a safer space and emotional and physical safety are our paramount concerns. The space is inclusive of all identities, including (but not limited to) sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, relationship style, kink preference, religion and culture. Right of Admission is reserved and the organisers decision is final.

We follow Personal Responsibility in Consensual Kink (PRICK). Please ensure you undertake negotiation for all plays at our venue and events. Consent can be withdrawn at any point in time, including in the middle of a play. We will have Consent Monitors at the event.

Limited tickets available for those who seek to unravel the secrets hidden within the Dark Fantasy Feast. Don't miss your chance to be part of a night where reality and fantasy collide in a dark dance of mystery.


Embrace the allure of the unknown and immerse yourself in a night of enchantment at the Dark Fantasy Feast. Whether you seek adventure, connection, or simply a journey into the depths of your own imagination, this event promises an experience like no other.

Tickets are limited, so secure your place at the table and prepare to lose yourself in the magic of the night. Let your fantasies roam free, and who knows what mystical delights await in the shadows of the Dark Fantasy Feast.

Dare to dream. Dare to explore. Dare to indulge in the realms of fantasy.

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