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Collective Days

This week we held our first experimental Collective Day at Casa Kink Dungeon in Montague Gardens. During the day was fairly quiet aside from a few who hung out, but the evening saw both the Consent and Negotiation Workshop and the round table discussion on BDSM Power Dynamics full of lively engagement and discussion. And we had a few folk pass through for play.

Our aim with Collective Days is to provide an accessible option for folk to make use of all that our space has to offer. In addition we believe that education, discussion and meeting fellow kinksters makes the whole scene safer and as such our Collective Days have been designed to include a different element of one of these each wee.

We have decided to go forward with Casa Kink Dungeon open from 5pm to 11pm every Thursday. Entrance for Collective Days is just R100 and will give you access to the Dungeon between these hours as well as access to whatever educational or social element we are hosting that week.

These evenings will provide a great opportunity for you to meet old and new likeminded folk. Meet new people in our safer space whether for a first meet or a first play. Set up playdates at Casa to leverage our spaces, furniture and toys.

You can pick up your tickets on our website at: or at the door. See you soon.

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