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Casa Kink has a new Home

Casa Kink is absolutely thrilled to break the news that we have a new home. After too long trying and struggling to find venues for events, we decided to take the plunge and set up our own.

Our new home is in Montague Gardens, easy travelling distance from the N1, M5 and N7 and with public transport options it’s a great central location. We collect the keys on 1 September and begin the very exciting journey of creating the spaces to allow the beauty of all that is kink to be experienced.

We have ideas of what we would like to offer, but we will be asking for feedback on various elements in the coming month. We recently asked about creating a little’s space and the ideas and suggestions are way beyond what we, who are not littles, could have conceived. There will be a lot more opportunity for you to contribute to the creation of this space. If you have cool ideas or suggestions, drop us a line.

While our Casa Kink venue will be the home of most Casa Kink events (expect to see the return of such greats as movie and social nights as well parties), we will not be using it to it’s full potential. This means that anyone wanting to host an event will be able to rent Casa Kink Venue for their own event. If you are keen to host events, please reach out to us so we can discuss your requirements and can take them into consideration when setting up.

Casa Kink will be throwing open our doors to welcome everyone home on 30th September. We will be celebrating in true Casa Kink style asking everyone to come dressed having Survived the Apocalypse. Tickets for the Party will be released shortly and the Newbies Munch tickets are up. Attendees at the Newbies Munch will gain a few days sneak peek into the venue.

Thank you to all of you for your support through this struggle for venues. We are so excited to celebrate the end of the apocalypse.

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