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Can you taste the Long Weekend

The long weekend is apon us and we have a couple of events to kick it off and keep it going.

Thursday is our Casa Collective Day. Doors open at 6pm as usual, but in celebration of the extra long weekend we will be open until 12 midnight this week. We are expecting a good turn out based on ticket sales so far so come along and hang out, meet new people, catchup with those you know, pop in to play and join our lively discussion.

This week the discussion at the Collective is going to be a toy bag show and tell. Everyone is encouraged to bring their toy bags and show off their favourite or unusual toys. If you don't have a toy bag of your own, come find out what you are curious about.

Saturday we will we celebrating everything Unholy which promises an evening of intrigue and sinful revelry. We will be celebrating the unknown, where guests are encouraged to embrace their inner demons and unleash their deepest desires. Dress as an unholy being, from priests or nuns to vampires and other undead creatures, or let your imagination run wild with a costume that embodies the darker facets of your soul.

But beware, for not all is as it seems. In the shadows, whispers of forbidden temptations echo, and some secrets could be uncovered. An unholy ritual and two performance plays as well as a facilitated sensual play will expose some of the secrets of the dark.

Welcome to our Unholy event – where the secrets of the night await those brave enough to seek them.

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