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A Cheeky Guide to the Spanking Bench

Casa Spanking Bench. Image by

In our kinky sphere there are a wide array of tools and equipment designed to enhance pleasure, exploration, and intimacy. Among these tools is the spanking bench, a piece of furniture that holds a unique place in the arsenal of especially impact players.

A spanking bench, also known as a whipping bench or a punishment bench, is a specialized piece of furniture designed to facilitate spanking or corporal punishment scenes. It typically consists of a padded bench or platform elevated at one end, with restraints such as cuffs or straps to secure the person being spanked in place. Our bench allows you to wear your own cuffs and have them attached to multiple restraint points. The design of our bench allows the bottom to lie comfortably whilst still being accessibly positioned for spanking, flogging, paddling, whipping, performing oral as well as PIV or PIA sex. The bench provides a sturdy and secure surface for playing and its ergonomic design allows for optimal positioning of the spankee, ensuring that they are comfortable and supported throughout the scene. Additionally, the elevated position of the bench offers easy access to the spankee's buttocks, genitals, thighs, and back, making it ideal for targeting these areas during play.

Lying over a spanking bench can elicit a range of sensations, both physical and psychological. The firm padding of the bench provides a comfortable surface to lie on, while the restraints offer a sense of security and vulnerability. As the spanking or flogging begins, the spankee may experience a mix of pleasure, pain, and intense sensations as each strike lands on their exposed skin.

While the spanking bench can be a source of intense pleasure and excitement, it is crucial to prioritize safety during play. Here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind:

  • Discuss boundaries, limits, communication strategies and safe words before engaging in any play on the spanking bench.

  • Ensure that all activities taking place on the spanking bench are fully consensual and negotiated beforehand. Respect each other's limits and boundaries at all times.

  • Before using the spanking bench, inspect it for any signs of wear or damage. Ensure that it is stable to prevent accidents or injuries.

  • Play within your skills range, if you do not have much experience play light and build up gently.

  • Continuously monitor the bottom's physical and emotional state throughout the scene. Check in regularly and be prepared to stop or adjust the activity if necessary.

  • After play, provide plenty of aftercare to help the participants transition back to a state of relaxation and comfort. Offer reassurance, physical comfort, and emotional support as needed.

We love our spanking bench it has proven to be a versatile piece of BDSM equipment that offers loads of possibilities for exploration and kinky enjoyment.

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