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This paddle is 210mm long and the diametre is 110mm and thickness is 20mm.  This piece has been laser engraved with cute paw prints.


Custom hand-made paddle, crafted from Bocote, an imported hardwood from Mexico. Each piece of wood is hand selected, with each paddle designed for BDSM use, whilst also looking to maximise the fantastic grain and encourage the appreciation of the unique character of this beautiful wood. The paddle is finished with multiple coats of Woodoc to ensure a good gloss finish and further encourage the appearance of the material in the finished product.

Each paddle comes complete with a plaited wrist lanyard, made from black Paracord 550, but can be changed on request. 

About Bocote: With colours ranging from its typically golden brown base, to its dark brown and black striped accents, the surface of Bocote is perhaps best known for the many tiny “eyes” adorning the grain patterns of the highly-decorated, more visually stunning examples of the species. (These eyes are not to be confused with knots, as they pose no issues when machining.) The striking aesthetics that higher-grade pieces possess, make this wood coveted among furniture and cabinet craftsmen, as well as both acoustic and electric guitar luthiers.

Sustainability: Not currently listed in the CITES Appendices or on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. That said, given the recent poaching epidemic taking place in Mexico over the last several years, this status — as well as other Mexican woods, such as Ziricote, Camatillo and Katalox — could be changing in the very near future.

Paw Prints Small Wooden Paddle

SKU: PB002
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