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Our two options for kinky venue rental provide a variety of options and opportunities.  Downstairs at Casa Kink (located in Durbanville) is an intimate space ideal for 2-4 people, whilst our Dungeon in Montague Gardens can accommodate over 150 people (depending on your requirements)

Across the Dungeon

The Casa Kink Dungeon in Montague Gardens is a fully kitted kink space and has a wide array of kink furniture and spaces.  This includes St Andrew's Crosses, Restraint Table, Masssage Tables, Spanking Bench, Shared space for sex in the Dome, social areas with comfy furniture and a cuddle puddle.  In addition to being the home to all Casa Kink Events, our space is available to rent for munches, private play, small parties or large events.

Purple rope

Downstairs is an intimate get away and tiny dungeon.  It is located in a quiet suburb (Aurora, Durbanville), with off street parking.  The space was specifically designed with kink sexy times in mind and is beautifully fitted with a chain St Andrew's Cross, a tantric chair, a queen size be with multiple restraint points and a cage underneath.

Downstairs at Casa Kink is a cozy space ideal for up to four or five people to play and 2-3 to sleepover. It is available to rent from 1hr to multiple days.  And has a little kitchenette and en-suite with a shower for two.

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