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Venue Rental for your own party

In recent years it has been incredible to watch the kink scene exploding in size. The growth has meant that there is a lot more capacity for diversity in the types of events that are held. It seems now more than ever, people can find spaces that they feel work for them, spaces to have fun in their unique ways.

One of the most exciting elements of having BDSM Dungeon and play space for large events is the ability for this diversity to grow even more. We are renting out Casa Kink (Montague Gardens) for other event organisers and hosts to hold their own parties.

Casa Kink is a fully kitted dungeon with a variety of furniture from social to cuddles to spanking and role play, from public to private play spaces. Rental includes all the furniture. However if you want to create something unique to your event simply move and/or remove items to make the space work better, put up dividers or privacy screens, your own lighting, a dance floor - whatever your vision.

We are very excited to be welcoming Elite this weekend, they will be hosting their anniversary party Saints and Sinners. Already we are seeing just how differently this team are creating the space to make it work for a different type of event. Next weekend we have a private birthday party where once again the birthday boy has ideas beyond what we've seen so far at the Casa hosted events.

Thanks to the variety of spaces Casa Kink will also work extremely well for a host of workshops, whether you want to educate on wax play, flogging, gender or negotiation there is a space that can work for you. This is especially true for bigger groups or active workshops like yoga, breathing or orgasm control.

If you are keen to begin hosting a munch, please reach out to us to discuss our rates for educational and support type events.

If you have never hosted an event before and would love to, but would feel more comfortable with some guidance or ideas bouncing, again, reach out to us, we're more than happy to help you with your own events. Whether that's around layouts, marketing, safety or anything else. We're dying to see just how diverse Cape Town's kink scene can become.

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