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Casa Kink provides an array of services to the kink and sex positive communities.  We hold kink and BDSM sex-positive events from social to play parties in our Dungeon in Montague Gardens.  The Dungeon Venue is also available to rent fully kitted for your own event or for your own plays.  We have a mini-dungeon for small groups (no more than 5) for sexy private plays and overnight stays.   Our store provides access to hand and skillfully crafted items from within the Cape Town kink scene.  Sexuality Coaching and counselling is available from Rel8.

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Casa Kink has been hosting sexy, kinky events since 2015.  Including;  munches, meet and greets, newby munches, movie nights, workshops, discussions, camps, weekends away and play parties.

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Sexual Coaching and Counselling

Nita at Rel8 works with folk who are exploring their sexuality, including; opening relationships, sex positivity, exploration of gender, orientation, kink and relationship preference.  She also offers life coaching.

Internal Dungeon

Dungeon Venue

Montague Gardens

Our new venue in Montague Gardens provides a wide variety of play options as well as the option for you to host your own event. 

Paw Paddle


Our store sells special crafted items made by kinksters in the Cape Town scene.  From handblown glass dildos to laser engraved and hand worked paddles.

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Downstairs Mini-Dungeon Accommodation in Durbanville

From event hosting (and How To Build a Sex Room) came the inspiration for a playroom Downstairs @ Casa Kink.  This space has been specifically designed with sexy kink and BDSM in mind. This is a great place for the sexually adventurous and curious to make their fantasies a reality.

Casa Kink strives to create safer spaces.  The emotional and physical safety of our staff, our guests and ourselves are our paramount concerns. All our spaces are inclusive of all identities, including (but not limited to); sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, relationship style, kink preference, religion and culture.  At times certain groups may be excluded from certain spaces in order to create a specific type of safer community (e.g. focused queer events, men's only, woman's only, Doms only, subs only and others) 

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